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Computer Virus , the words send a shiver down the spines of IT Professionals and end users alike. It doesn't have to be that way. This part of our page is dedicated to you, the computer user.
It is here where we help you to help yourself. Regardless of whether you are a computer novice or Bill Gates himself, the links and papers below have something for you.
Admittedly, we may not have * everything *, but if you have an interest in the subject of Anti-virus, rather than "give me a tool to write viruses", or "give me a virus", contact us and we'll do our best to find or write a paper to address the subject.
All Papers remain the property of the author, or the site linked to. Since a majority of these papers are hosted on other sites, can't take responsibility for them being moved or unavailable, or for any other content on those sites.
We would like to express a deep thanks to all the authors and companies who've allowed us to link to their works. These folks have not asked for any remuneration (thanks, there's little to give <g> ), but have all felt that it's important to support you. This site strives to give something back, in the manner of giving a one stop educational resource for aspiring AV Researchers (After all the rest of us will retire some day). That being said, have a look at some of the links; they're split into several categories for your convienience.

Please help support this site. While, we have maintained our free library, and would like to continue to do so, We could also use a little help in this down economy. We have released our first and hopefully only "pay to read" white paper "The ABCs of Corporate Malware Protection" for a minimal $6 (USD). This link will take you to our ecommerce provider, where upon payment, you can download the paper.

Basic Knowledge

Some information for those just starting out, or confused as to what a computer virus is.
What is a Computer virus? from Team Anti-Virus
TAV's Common Sense Rules for beginners
Virus-L F.A.Q - Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about computer viruses.
Alt.Comp.Virus Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions.'s Antivirus Site Useful anti-virus and security information CERT Network Security Securing a home network.

General Knowledge

This section will help you to enhance your understanding of computer viruses, the people behind them, and how to react to a large spreading infection in your company.

Who writes these viruses, why, and what happened to them?

By Sarah Gordon, via IBM Anti-Virus Online:
The Generic Virus Writer
The Generic Virus Writer II
By Dr Vesslin Bontchev, Via his page at Frisk:
The Bulgarian and Soviet Virus Factories,
Good Viruses Still a Bad IdeaIs there such thing as a Good computer virus?
ICSA Labs reportsHow bad is the virus problem?
Free Macro AntiVirus Techniques , by Chengi Jimmy Kuo

Virus Hoaxes

How to spot a virus hoax by Joe Wells, via IBM Anti-Virus Online.
False Authority Syndrome by Rob Rosenberger, via the Computer Myths Site
The Electronic Ephemera Site A huge index of Hoaxes and scams
Security Sceptic A hoax identification service.

Miscellaneous other info

Why should I report my Virus infection By Kenneth Bechtel, via Team Anti-Virus.
Future Trends in Virus Writing , by Vesselin Bontchev, via Virus Bulletin.

Advanced Knowledge

Before reading this information, you should have knowledge of Assembler, PC and Data architecture, and Visual basic. With out that knowledge, you probably won't understand some of the subjects and papers.
Some good links to brush up on, or to start to pick up this knowledge are
The Art of Assembly
Microsoft's Visual Basic page .
Use the following information at your own risk. If you do something silly, it's on you, not this page, or the author.
That being said:

Analysis and Maintenance of a Clean Virus Library by Vesselin Bontchev
Automatic and Controlled Virus Code Execution System by Marko Helenius
Automatic and Controlled Virus Code Execution System (1998 Windows expansion) by Marko Helenius
Pierre's field guide to partition table recovery by Pierre Vandevenne,
Pierre's field guide to partition table recovery Part 2 - A Practical Case by Pierre Vandevenne
How does the FAT32 filesystem affect Anti-Virus procedures? FAT32 New Problems for Anti-Virus, or Viruses? by Martin G. Overton
Virus Activation Routines by Mikko Hyppönen
Retroviruses - how viruses fight back by Mikko Hyppönen

Additional Resources

Some additional reading, as well as links to some useful sites.
These are in no particular order.

Eddie Willhelm's Anti-Virus List of Sites
AVIEN The Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network An affiliation of Corporate Anti-Virus Administrators.
University of Hamburg's Virus Test Center
The Computer Virus Myths Page
Virus Bulletin Magazine
IBM Anti-Virus Online Resource Great gobs of reading. <grin> A real good source of information.
ICSA's Virus Labs Part of TrueSecure Corporation.
The Wildlist Organization
Virus Research Unit Finland's version of VTC, another excellent source for independent product reviews.

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