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About Team Anti Virus:

Who are Team Anti-Virus?
This is would be the first question for any future FAQ!, it's something I'm often asked; as some people believe it's only a website.
Team Anti-Virus was founded after my departure from ICSA, where I had tried to sell the idea to management during my employment.
Team Anti-Virus was founded first and foremost as an umbrella organization for independent anti-virus researchers. Many of these researchers work in large companies to pay their bills and to 'keep their hand in'. Often, these companies are not directly involved in the anti-virus field, but have recognized their exposure level and have requirement for a competent AV researcher as part of their staff.
Due to perceived bad press, legalities related to this, possible exposure of vulnerabilities and or corporate secrets, these companies usually discourage the researchers from publishing, or making media contact; at least without going through the often slow legal departments first!
This, while perhaps necessary for the company, often has an adverse effect by isolating the researcher from their career field and colleagues. Team Anti-Virus provides an umbrella organisation for such researchers, without compromising their parent companies, or primary contract holders.

What does Team Anti-Virus do?

Initially, Team Anti-Virus was to provide such researchers and corporate supporters an unbiased, non-political communications zone, to share ideas, strategies, and in some cases extra assistance on problems.
Subsequently the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN) successfully accomplished this task, and Team Anti-Virus has been pleased to be involved in the founding and building of that organisation. Early on, the founders realized that no anti-virus strategy is complete with out user education.
To that end this website and several other initiatives were established, to assist and educate end users, network support personnel, and the general public about Anti-Virus issues specifically and safer computing in general.
Through contacts within many in large corporations, with other Anti-Virus researchers - both independant and vendor based - Team Anti-Virus seeks to bring greater collaboration, education and information exchange to all areas of the anti-virus battlefield.

So what are Team Anti-Virus selling?

We used to say Nothing! However, like everyone, the down economy is impacting us, and we need help supporting this website, so We are offering the white paper "The ABCs of Corporate Malware Protection" for a minimal $6 (USD). We are also happy to announce the expantion of our ABCs Guide to a full Handbook, complete with appendixes, sample policies, proceedures and other information needed in a central location. The Handbook of Corporate Malware Protection is available for $29.95 (USD) by clicking on the title. These links will take you to our ecommerce provider wtn market, Where upon payment, you can download the document you desire.

Our individual members are spread out all over the world, and may be available for consultancy, or training sessions. If you are in need of this type of service, please write to and we'll do our best to get a "hometown person" for you.

What does Team Anti-Virus have planned for the future?

Now that our idea for a communications forum has been successfully implemented in AVIEN, Team Anti-Virus is doing a little reorganization, and looking at other ways we can make a positive influence on the anti-virus community, serve our members and the end user community.
Please keep your eye on this page, as any new projects that we start will be posted here.

Contacting Team Anti-Virus

To contact the team via snail mail, please use the following address:

Team Anti-Virus
P.O. Box 635
Palmyra, PA 17078-0635


Ken Bechtel,
Founder, Team Anti-Virus

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